Original authors of XForms

Here is what the original homepage (from about 2001) said about the authors of XForms:

T.C. Zhao

Trained as a theoretical solid state physicist (Ph.D. in physics '91), he has worked in many diverse areas of science and technology. His early work involved research in electron scattering, electron microscopy and electron holography and specialized in large scale simulation of physical phenomenon at crystal surfaces. For the past a few years, he worked for GE Medical Systems as a CT (computed tomography) scanner designer, and as a scientist for Mitsubishi Electric Research. Most recently he worked for Real Time Visualization as Principal Scientist and Distinguished Engineer on the world's fastest and bestest volume rendering hardware, the VolumePro. Currently he's the system architect and chief implementer of the AquariusNet product, a streaming 2D/3D medical imaging server.

In his spare time, he amuses himself with the history of mathematics and computer hacking (also known as software engineering in some corner of the world). XForms is mostly the (by)product of the latter activity. These days, his toddler daughter amuses herself by pouring coffee on the keyboard or dancing on the computer table, severely limiting TC's opportunity of amusement.

Mark Overmars

Professor of Computer Science and reknowned mathematician. In his spare time, he plays football (soccer for you) on the National team of the Netherlands (just kidding - no relation).

Steve Lamont

Comedian, prolific writer and Director of graphics labs. His specialty is to visualize whirled peas, and other micro/macro geometric things. A good teacher, patient hacker and UNIX guru. A man with many talents.

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