Re: How to make a new "goodie"?

Dr. T.C. Zhao (
Fri, 22 Nov 1996 23:01:40 -0600

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From: (Mats Bergstrom)
> This is simple by using `fl_deactivate_all_form()' and
>`fl_activate_all_forms()' and works if all forms before the entry of
>`my_goodie()' are active.
>Is there a simple solution, or do I have to create a list of the
>active forms inside `my_goodie()' (by looking at FL_FORM.deactivated)?

I am not sure I understand the question completely.
fl_[de]activate_all_forms pair will work correctly regardless
the forms status as the effects of activation are accumulative,
i.e., if B is inactive, fl_deactivate_all_forms/fl_activate_all_forms
pair will not make it active.

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