Re: Adding event type to callback func.

Petasis Gewrgios (
Thu, 28 Nov 1996 14:44:14 -0600 (CST)

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In 28/11 Steve Schlesinger wrote:

>I've had similar problems. Have you tried using -private on the command
>line? This should help.
>I'm guessing you are running on an X server that is limited to 256 colors.
>What is happening is that the colormap in the server fills up. When
>this happens, the Xserver tries to find "the best match" to the color
>you are trying to allocate. Some times, the best guess is way off,
>giving the unexpected results.

I have allready tried to use -private, with no result. Forms seem to ignore
my command! (i have done everything ok with fl_initiate(), i've checked it ...)
Is there a way to free colors that you dont need any more from server's colormap?
Also the problem is not that i ask for example for orange and i get a red, but
changes colors that are not supposed to ghange: for example the forms background
is gray (col_1) and when color substitude begin changes color continiously (!!!)
and may result that the col_1 in ALL FORMS of my application change to green,
or blue. I cannot figure what is happening inside the lib, so i cannot solve it.
If i run the application in a display with hi color, everything is normal ( i be-
live that if i continuesly allocate colors, will happen also there)
I am making a "goodie" for chosing color, and i cannot allocate fewer colors,
not to mention that has to work on all displays...
PS: About the cursor error i take:
This happen when i change the cursor for 27th time. Is 26 a "magic" number for
cursors in forms??? ( Can handle for example only 26 cursor at a time??)

Anyway, i really appreciate your interest ....
Thank you!
Petasis Gewrgios.

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