Two gl canvases

Kurt Zimmerman (
Thu, 05 Dec 1996 14:49:14 -0500

To subscribers of the xforms list from Kurt Zimmerman <> :

I appologize for asking such a newbie question but I can't seem to get my code
to work.

My main form has a glcanvas on it.
I want to open a second form window with a glcanvas.
While the second form is open the main form is deactivated.
When I'm done using the second form I want to hide it and re-activate the main

What is the accepted way to perform this?

I have been getting a multitude of different errors upon closing the second
form. I think it is just a matter of telling OpenGL which glcanvas is active,
but I'm not seeing the obvious in either the xforms or the OpenGL manual.



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