updating windows with no backing store

Orlando Andico (orly@gibson.eee.upd.edu.ph)
Sun, 15 Dec 1996 10:43:19 +0800 (GMT)

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Date: Sun, 15 Dec 1996 01:09:50 +0800 (GMT)
From: Orlando Andico <orly@gibson.eee.upd.edu.ph>
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Subject: updating windows with no backing store


I'm writing a software MPEG audio encoder (actually I just took the ISO
MPEG codec and wrapped it in an XForms interface). Now this program is a
huge CPU hog -- it consumes about 95% of a 180MHz MIPS R5000 and still
takes about 5 minutes to encode 2 minutes of audio.

Anyway I would like to have some sort of explicit redraw in the XForms
because when the codec is running, fl_do_forms() is stuck and moving the
window, etc, makes it look weird. IOW, I would like to watch out for
events when the entire window is moved, brought out from under another
window, or un-iconized so that I can redraw it and it looks good (the
other option is to enable backing store but not everyone can do this).

I know that this is a problem even of "professional" programs like
Mozilla which hangs up and the window looks ugly if it got stuck while
doing a DNS lookup. I am already using fl_update_object() because there's
a text field that I'm updating regularly but doing fl_redraw_form() in the
loop would be too expensive and cause flashing on slower machines.


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