[Fwd: V0.84 is available for testing for Linux/i386, Sun and FreeBSD]

Christian Lorenz (100.5078@germanynet.de)
Sun, 15 Dec 1996 22:03:10 +0100

To subscribers of the xforms list from Christian Lorenz <100.5078@germanynet.de> :

Dr. T.C. Zhao wrote:
> xforms V0.84 is now available for testing for the following platforms:
> linux/i386 a.out & ELF
> Sun SunOS 4.1 and Solaris 2.4
> FreeBSD 3.0-current
> SGI and HP versions will be made available shortly.
> I'd appreciate it if you download and test this version. As
> always, feedbacks are welcome.

First of all: Thanx for the new release!

Ok, I've done the download of the linux-ELF xforms V0.84 and
tested it under linux kernel version 2.0.25, XFree86/S3, and
the FVWM95 V2.42a.

And here is my first feedback - more will follow ;-)

1. input focus
The TAB key moves the focus inside a form but it doesn't work
when the focus is on a multiline input field.
BTW: the actual focused object should be marked (eg. by an
additional frame, ...) - currently only input objects are marked
with their 2nd color.
BTW^2: when an input field gets the focus, the complete text in this
field should be selected (fl_set_input_selected).

2. horizontal sliders of browsers
There seems to be a problem with the horizontal sliders. Start the
DEMOS/browserall and do the following:
1. click on "LARGE" (the text will not longer fit into the width
of the browser, so the horizontal sliders will appear - ok)
2. click on "NORMAL" (the text will fit again into the width of
the browser, so the horizontal sliders will disappear - ok)
3. again, click on "LARGE" and have a lock to the horizontal

3. browsers (general)
I am still missing the buttons at the end of browser sliders for
"one row up", "one row down", "one column left", and "one column
When clicking above or below the slider handle, the contents of
the slider should only move one page up resp. down, instead of
jumping over (a possible big) distance.

4. ringbell
You removed the ringbell() macro from forms.h! Are you sure you
wanted to do this? ;-)

5. input fields
When an input field contains a string which doesn't fit into the
visible field and the contents is selected with the
fl_set_input_selected() function, the selection is drawn to wide.
It is also not possible to select the entire contents using the

6. buttons
the underscore (_) for shortcuts is correctly displayed in
fdesign (even in the test mode) but not in the running
application. Have a look at DEMOS/cursor (the Button DefaultCursor)
has a shortcut "Dd#d". xforms does recoginize the shortcut,
but doesn't display it.

7. fdesign
Why is it not possible to change the objclass of an object
(eg. to switch from a lightbutton to the new, really nice

8. tables/browsers
Tables are browsers with more than one field per row (like a
Currently everybody is using browsers to display tables. But
this means that you have to use a fixed font, so that same
fields are in one column. To display a legend for such a table,
means to use a fix text field above the browser with the same
font as the browser contents. But, now that we have horizontal
browsers, the legend is not able to scroll left/right.
My suggestion is a xform function to set browser line #0 as
a legend which is not scrolled vertical, but horizontal. This
line should have a seperator line and could be display with a
bold font (but same spacing).
For one of the following xforms releases, tables would be nice.

Have fun!

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