Re: V0.84 is available for testing for Linux/i386, Sun and FreeBSD

Dr. T.C. Zhao (
Sun, 15 Dec 1996 20:36:13 -0600

To subscribers of the xforms list from "Dr. T.C. Zhao" <> :

From: Ken Hollis <>

>Bug report in 0.84:
>I have noticed that the u_vdata field gets munged when using
>fl_set_browser_dblclick_callback(). When the actual callback gets called,
>the object data passed in the set routine *does* get sent, but the
>u_vdata, and (!!) u_ldata variables are either nulled or set to 0.

Yeap. Verified and will get fixed soon.

The workaround is to access the browser->u_vdata directly
instead of using the object pointer passed to the dblclick
callback routine (which is NOT the browser object pointer).
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