Re: fdesign bugs (xforms v0.85)

Christian Lorenz (
Fri, 20 Dec 1996 01:34:42 +0100

To subscribers of the xforms list from Christian Lorenz <> :

Bill Thompson wrote:
> I'm running xforms v0.85 on an SGI Indigo 2 with IRIX version 5.3

v0.85? Sure?

> and I found a couple of bugs in fdesign.
> 1) There's a bug with the slider/valslider which causes fdesign to
> crash with a core dump. It can be repeated as follows:
> - start fdesign
> - create a new form
> - add a slider or valslider
> - press F1 to go into attributes
> - press Spec and change the precision and value inputs
> (I used integer numbers for the values ... I don't think that
> should be a problem though).
> - press Accept twice to exit attributes.
> - press F1 to go back to attributes
> - click in the Label window and boom! .... Bus error - core dumped

Same bug in the linux version. But you can reproduce the "boom"
easier: open the attribute window for an object where input fields
are defined in the SPEC section (slider, dial, positioner, and counter).
Open the SPEC section, set the cursor into a input field by clicking on
it. Change back to the GENERIC section, and click into another input
field: BOOM!
But sometimes there's a message coming up right before the BOOM, saying:

Warning! In FL Color (flcolor.c 648) Bad Request: <big number>

> 2) If you choose one of the color buttons in attributes, the attributes
> window is shoved (lowered) under the main fdesign window. While
> mabey not a true bug it is annoying.
Not under my linux version! Are you sure that this is not a window
manager related thing?