Re: core dump ???

Steve Lamont (
Mon, 23 Dec 96 08:48:03 PST

To subscribers of the xforms list from (Steve Lamont) :

> hello... I'm developing a relatively large system (compared to that in the
> DEMOS) using XFORMS, and I'm struggling over a segmentation fault.
> I've littered my programs with assert and fprintf(..__LINE__)... and didn't
> notice anything that might attribute the error to my code. I spot this mesg
> once before a crash: in dopup [xpopup.c 894]: Can't grab pointer.
> Is this mesg something to do with XFORMS ??

Yes, this is an XForms message.

Does this message happen *every* time, just once and a while, or did
it only happen once? Can you create a small example that will
reproduce the problem? What does your debugger say about where the
error occurs? Can you get a traceback? What version of XForms are
you running? What operating system on what machine? What is the
program doing when it crashes? Are there any other messages?

You've really provided almost nothing for us to go on to diagnose the