Re: Changing -visual colormap.....

Dr. T.C. Zhao (
Tue, 14 Jan 1997 23:10:56 -0600

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From: (Steve Lamont)
>> If I were to re-do xforms all over again, I probably will take the
>> "seperate window" approach. ...

>Does this indicate an intent to do so?

Yes, but don't know if and when that will happen. I am debating mainly
about the timing. On one hand, I want to complete the features that I
believe xforms lacks (menu bar, image canvas, scrolled canvas, folders,
composite objects) before I mess with the core. On the other hand, changing
xforms to window based will make implementing these so much easier
and simpler. The downside of this is of course new bugs and to
a lesser degree of concern some sacrifice in performace. So
at this moment, I intend to finish V0.85 (or V0.86) and then
think about which way to go.