Text invisible in fl_add_input fields (was: Re: fl_set_input)

Rick Cook (cook@vs.lmco.com)
Thu, 16 Jan 1997 17:35:02 -0600

To subscribers of the xforms list from Rick Cook <cook@vs.lmco.com> :

on Thu, 16 Jan 1997, Marc Ernst wrote:
> Maybe you have the same color for the text and the background
> of the input field. Try to call
> fl_set_input_color(obj,textcolor,cursorcolor);
> I use version 0.84 and hope this is also a function of 0.75.

With version 0.81 -

I am also having problems with "visibility" for the contents of
input fields. I followed Mr. Ernst's suggestion to "insure" the
color definitions. No matter what color I defined for the textcolor,
the text remained invisible, however, the cursorcolor was applied
correctly. I have even attempted removing all "style" type definitions
from the code. Still no text visible in the input fields when typing
or when writing using fl_set_input.

An example of one input field definition:

fdui->rate = obj = fl_add_input(FL_FLOAT_INPUT,330,130,110,20,"Rate");
fl_set_input_color(obj, FL_BLACK, FL_BLUE);

An example of using fl_set_input to set the input field:

sprintf (buf, "%.2f", Rate);
fl_set_input_color(fdui->rate, FL_BLACK, FL_BLUE);
fl_set_input(fdui->rate, buf);

When I type into the field or fl_set_input writes to the field, the cursor
is visible and it moves. Also, I am able to select, copy and paste the text.
I just can't see the text.

If additional information might help, I can send a 3263 byte tar'd, gzip'd,
uuencoded copy of the four files.


Rick Cook

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