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On Sun, 2 Feb 1997, Robert J. Nield wrote:

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> Hi,
> Could anyone please tell me if this sounds feasible.
> I am trying to visualize the encryption of data via animated diagrams. The
> diargram which will be shown at any given time will depend on the state of
> execution at that time, i.e. if at line three in the algortihm then show
> diagram three.
> Is it possible to use the Gl canvass to show these diagrams, and for the
> diagrams to be triggered and updated from calls embedded within the
> encryption code ? The code is only about 15 lines long.
> I would be very grateful for any help, or opinions.

Should be fine. I use XFORMS with an OpenGL canvas to work on real time
video via the VL library on SGI systems. I have a bottom end (old and
obsolete R4000 Indy!) and it all works just fine. Basically I have
a selected frame on view. Click on it to grab the rgb value of the hit
pixel, take this as a midpoint for setting a "colour volume" by then
setting a range (+/-) for r,g and b. I then hit a go button, then system
grabs frames, searches for those pixels within range, marks them,
updates histograms and so on.



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