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Sat, 8 Feb 1997 00:03:16 +0100 (CET)

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> >3. browsers (general)
> > I am still missing the buttons at the end of browser sliders for
> > "one row up", "one row down", "one column left", and "one column
> > right".
> on my to-do list. Adding two buttons to get the functionality
> is trivial in V0.84 for me to do, but they don't look right
> with the current slider. It will get done soon.

That's great.

> >4. browsers (general)
> > When clicking above or below the slider handle, the contents of
> > the slider should only move one page up resp. down, instead of
> > jumping over (a possible big) distance.
> Good idea. I'll add it to my to-do list.

Well, if something is to be done with sliders in browsers, I'd like
to suggest following (maybe as an otion?):

I think it would be much nicer to have browsers behaving as, e.g. in
'xrn' usenet news reader. That means following:

1. The direction of scrolling the browser is defined by the mouse button
(left - scroll down, right - scroll up) and NOT by position of the mouse
pointer in the slider.

2. The position of the mouse defines the 'speed' of scrolling, changing
smoothly from "line-by-line" when the pointer is close to the top of the
slider to "page-by-page" at the bottom.

The above two features allow truly comfortable browsing through the text
- you just put the mouse pointer into the slider at given position (==
given speed) and you don't have to look at it anymore - just reading the
text, clicking the mouse when you want to scroll it up or down. As it is
now, every time the slider handle moves to the position of the mouse
pointer, you must move it away.

3. Clicking the middle button makes the handle (and the content of the
browser, of course) move to the specifid position at once.

4. Dragging the handle is as usual (with any button pressed).

It can also be easily adapted for the horizontal sliders (just change
'top' to 'left', 'bottom' to 'right' end of the slider.

with best regards,


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