Re: inverted xyplot axes don't show

Dr. T.C. Zhao (
Thu, 13 Feb 1997 22:24:16 -0600

To subscribers of the xforms list from "Dr. T.C. Zhao" <> :

From: Rick Bennett <>
>V0.84 Fix3 for Dec Alpha/OSF1 allows inverted axes but the
>axes are not drawn.
> fl_set_xyplot_xbounds(fd_Plots->magPlot,-10.,10.);
> fl_set_xyplot_ybounds(fd_Plots->magPlot,100.,0.);
> The data is diplayed properly but only the bottom axis
> is drawn.
>Any solutions?

This problem only occurs when major =1 and minor =2
which unfortunately is the y-axis default. Try
to set the number of tic marks to anything other
than the default. This is now fixed and will be
in the next release.

>We are using counters to set plotting bounds. The
>desire is to hide these when not being used, but
>fl_hide_object leaves the text label from the (font)
>baseline down.

This is a bug that affects all objects. Forgot
to compensate for the descend when computing the
bounding box. It is now fixed.

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