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Dr. T.C. Zhao (
Sat, 15 Feb 1997 19:00:40 -0600

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From: Frank Stefani <>

>Internally (in XForms) there
>are pointers to the first and the last object of a form. My solution
>(before I started this thread here) was to search the linked pointers
>from FL_FORM->first to FL_FORM->last (see "forms.h"). I built a loop
>and 'switch'-ed all classes and (within the classes) all the types.
>So I could find any object in any form and identify it. The own
>thing missing was/is a possibility to distinguish:
> "is this the customer form's name field"
> "is this the customer form's street field"

I think you are doing this the wrong way. Use the FD_ structures
emitted by fdesign where the object ID is the object itself


I think it beats defining another set of integers for the object ID.

With code generated with fesign in V0.84, you can find the FD_ structure
the object is on from any object as follows anyobj->form->fdui.

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