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Robert J. Nield (
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 11:00:53 +0000 (GMT)

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I have been trying to create a simple pulldown menu, which contain a set
of four elements which I wish to have radio button behaviour.

I am having trouble getting the buttons to behave correctly. I am using
'%rg' which tells compiler that it is a radio button, but when I click on
any element the gray diamond to its left stays grey and not blue.

I have looked at the demos, but I have tried various lines out of that
with no luck. I have tried giving the elements identifiers via the '%x'
tag, but that still does not work. The general fucntionality of the
element works okay, because I have print statements in the callbacks, so
it is definitly being called right. I have run out of ideas, I would be
very grateful if anybody out there could set me right on this one.

**** code frag from xx_main.c - definition of proprerties ****

fl_set_menu(fd_sect2->encrypt_menu,"Methods %t|PGP%R1|DES%r1|IDEA%r1");

** end code frag **

**** code frag from xx.c - definition of menu ****

fdui->encrypt_menu = obj =


** end code frag **

Any help greatly appreciated,


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