Re: V0.84 Fix3 available now

Martin Bartlett (
Sun, 2 Mar 1997 15:04:44 +0000 (GMT)

To subscribers of the xforms list from Martin Bartlett <> :

Just started fitting Xforms4Perl to 0.84 and found that the Linux shared
library appears to be sans (I can be pretentious - I'm in Paris!!)

Also found a weird problem with fl_set_xyplot_data - it causes the xserver
to die with no explanation whatsoever!! Anyone else seen this?

The scenario is this. I have a demo in Xforms4Perl that exactly matches
the xyplotall demo but is written in perl and uses the Xforms extension.
In 0.81 it works. In 0.84 it brings down the xserver 95% of the time when
the fl_do_forms function is called. However, if I go into the extension
library and comment out the actual 'C' call to the fl_set_xyplot_data
function - that is, I build everything else in the interface but only omit
the invocation of the actual Xforms 'C' function - then the demo works
(without, of course, showing me any useful xyplot charts on the form) and
the xserver serv-ives.

I say 95% of the time - occasionally, just by running it again (after
reviving X) it will work. But run it yet again and kerboom.

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