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Antoine Fortier (
Thu, 6 Mar 1997 09:20:54 -0500 (EST)

To subscribers of the xforms list from Antoine Fortier <> :

> >
> > Hi !
> >
> > I'm trying to make a 'text editor' like application with Xforms, I'm wondering if someone
> > have already made this or if someone have an idea of how to make this.
> >
> > I think there is a way to do it with multi-line input or with browsers but I don't know
> > which is the best.
> >
> > thanks.
> >
> See the xfmail distribution, it contains an editorwidget written by me,
> but greatly enhanced and finished by Gennady Sorokopud.
> Regards,
> Marc.

Thanks for the hint! I tried your editor and it works fine! I compiled your code in a library
and add it to my Makefile.

The only problem I had is that the function 'fl_edit_error' was not defined in the .c files
of the editor code, I found it in xfmail.c. I made the same definition in the file fl_edit.c
and its now working. I think it can be a good idea to fix the problem and to distribute the xform
editor as an add-on library.

Thanks again.
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