Kevin Mulholland (
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 11:45:22 +0000 (GMT)

To subscribers of the xforms list from Kevin Mulholland <> :

maybe I'm just being picky but if I set the precision of a counter, then
shouldn't the step of the counter be set to use that precision ?

for example
fl_set_counter_precision( FL_OBJECT, 0)

set the precision to display nothing after a decimal point, however the
counter step will still be in units of 0.1 so I then have to

fl_set_counter_step( FL_OBJECT, 1, 1)

on the same subject if I am using a SIMPLE_COUNTER then I shouldn't have
to set a large step field for the set_counter step.

ok so I just want to cut down on my typing, but I think the above
sugguestions would make xforms just that bit nicer to use

[sorry about complaining xforms is great, getting better]

On another note, ok so we all use xforms for something, so howabout
setting up a widgets dir in the contrib directory on the ftp site, and
anyone with a useful tool can put it there, in fact we should all be
encoraged to do this to help out all our xforms buddies...

I know this is something like ken hollis sugguested quite a while ago but
we don't have to 'force' the creators of xforms to pickup our humble
offerings, but if they are any good I guess they will :@)

I guess we should upload any of our own software that is for
public consumption also instead of keeping it on our own websites/servers
this would aid in development as we can then easily trawl somebody else's
could for a solution for a problem, and the list can reference people
queries to specific programs that may solve their problems.

Also I wonder if the 'creators' have made any money out of xforms as the
only commercial product I have seen is the unix cockpit. Maybe its too
pricey ? in comparison to visual basic it is (ok I know it ain't available
for unix) but I thought that kind of product is what is being aimed for.

just a thought

Read the manual - hah - software engineers don't read manuals.
Ah so THAT explains windows95

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