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> >re your message:
> >
> >> I have created a gl_canvas with fdesign and generated fl_add_glcanvas in a
> >> c program. But this function doesn't exist in FORMS Library as well as
> >> fl_set _glcanvas_attributes. Is there somebody who knows where they are ?
> >
> >These are defined in gl.c which is distributed with xforms. You need
> >to compile and link gl.c with your program.
> >
> i have already tried to compile gl.c. but these functions (fl_add_glcanvas
> and fl_set _glcanvas_attributes) are unknown. Other functions are unknown
> as fl_add_glwindow ...

First of all, there are *two* copies of gl.c in the xforms distribution.
One is in the demos dir, it is a program, the other is in the FORMS dir,
it is the library extension code that you need. Take a look in the FORMS
dir, there are also two in there one for mesaGL and one for openGL,
although I tend to use the one for openGL even though I have mesa apps,
for general portability. just compile the code into a gl.o and link it in
to any program that uses the gl_canvas functions.

Joe Saland
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