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Wed, 12 Mar 1997 13:04:42 +0800 (GMT)

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On Sun, 9 Mar 1997, Dr. T.C. Zhao wrote:

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> From: Orlando Andico <>
> >buttons in my form. Why is it that the pixmap buttons automagically get
> >depressed when the mouse pointer passes over them? I had set color1 ==
> >color2 so the strange outline doesn't come out (I don't like it).
> Can't seem to reproduce it, maybe it has someting to do with
> setting color1==color2?, i.e., it looks like depressed but
> actually is not.
> > Second: is there a command to get the size of the screen?
> just use fl_scrw, fl_scrh. They are declared in forms.h

1) Yes, color1 == color2, can i get rid of the pixmapbutton-highlighting

2) oh.. :( i used

Display *disp=fl_get_display();

then use DisplayWidth(disp) or DisplayHeight(disp) :/

Another thing: how can I force-update a canvas? I added a callback for
Expose events, which redraws the whole thing (it's a clock, i didn't like
the default XForms clock). now i redraw it by

fl_hide_object (canvas);
fl_show_object (canvas);

This works, but it flashes terribly. Now I would like to have another
callback (maybe MouseEntry?) do a different sort of update (erase the
hands, redraw them, instead of everything) but how do I trigger this

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