Re: Scrolling graphic area?

Anke Haeming (
Wed, 19 Mar 1997 08:45:25 +0100

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Marisa Giancarla wrote:

> I was wondering how I would implement a scrolling graphic area, either
> with it's own scroll bars (like a browser) or with a seperate area using a
> positioner (which is what I like better because I can display a reduced image
> of the map and the crosshairs show wharea you are looking at nicely (assuming I
> can put an image behind the crosshairs, of course)). The area inside the box is
> not text however, but seperate "cells" or sectors of a map that will be
> seperate pixmaps.
> For instance, if the map was displaying a 10x10 area there would be
> 10x10 individual pixmaps (70% of which will usually be empty space).
> Additionally I want to be able to let people click on one of the sectors to
> select it.
> Any pointers?

I've programmed a scrolled canvas by creating a big pixmap and
copying the visible part of it to the canvas window. If you
want to get the code, send me a mail.
You can copy the individual pixmaps into the big one (only one
Xlib-Function :-) ) and set a mouse event callback to handle
the click on different sectors.

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