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Orlando Andico (
Sun, 23 Mar 1997 04:03:46 +0800 (GMT)

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I would like to clarify something about XForms usage in (semi) commercial
software. For example, I write a nice application using XForms and
distribute it with source for free.

Then let's say I make my own Linux distribution, e.g. Orlando's
Magnificent Linux, and I put a precompiled binary of my app as one of the
packages (even though anyone, whether using my Linux distribution or not,
can actually get this package for free off the Net). Now naturally, being
a Linux distribution maintainer, I charge for this. This is common
practice for most commercial Linux vendors.

Does the XForms program I included as one of the packages count as
"commercial" software and so I have to come to an monetary arrangement
with Dr Zhao? noting of course that it's only a tiny portion of the entire
Linux distribution which is what I'm selling..

I'd appreciate any ideas on this part.. I don't intend to put together my
own Linux distribution :) but I was wondering what happens to a
commercial Linux vendor if they include precompiled binaries that use
XForms in their distributions ('cause it's a perfect substitute for
Tcl/Tk for such things as administration tools, soundcard mixers, etc)..


Orlando Andico IRC Lab/EE Dept/UP Diliman
"There's an obvious attraction to the path of least resistance.."

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