Re: a few remarks on 0.85

Steve Lamont (
Sun, 23 Mar 97 07:24:03 PST

To subscribers of the xforms list from (Steve Lamont) :

> 3. Fdesign
> I am not sure if the change to allow left mouse button move and resize
> objects makes things easier. Now if I want to create more than one
> button, I need to click every time in the Object Classes window. ...

I'll second that. Although the action of the buttons in previous
versions of fdesign was somewhat counter intuitive (at least to me),
at least it was consistent. I, too, find it less than optimal to have
to go back to the Design window and click the Object Classes each time
I want to create a new object of the same class.

A few other nits to pick while I'm at it:

I don't know how the manual's index is being prepared but the
alphabetizer would seem to have some fairly strange properties.

On pages 242 and 243 of the current manual (0.85, March 1997) there
are several entries which seem to be dropped in from out of nowhere.
On page 242, column 1, entries #7 (set_command_log_position) and #20
(fl_form_callback) appear to be out of order. In column 2, entry #15
(fl_get_resource) is out of order.

On page 243, column 2, entries #38 (fl_form_callback) and #49
(fl_redraw_form) are out of order.

There are others on other pages.

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