How to determine where stuff are...

Claes Andersson (
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 17:14:33 +0100

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This might be a silly question, I don't know... I'm displaying stuff inside
clipped areas on the screen, inside each of these areas there is an
invisible button. Now, I wish to display the form with FL_FULLSIZE and,
since I used to use fixed coordinates, everything gets screwed up... The
buttons grow and change position et c. The application is to be used at
an exhibition where people are supposed to play around with it using the
mouse. It will therefore have to cover the entire screen regardless of the
resolution we'll use. Is there any way to determine the actual position of
an object on the screen. If I'd only find out where one of these areas are
and how big it is, then it would work out.

Thanks in advance,
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