Browser Object

Petasis Gewrgios (
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 16:04:03 +0200 (WET)

To subscribers of the xforms list from Petasis Gewrgios <> :

Hi all,
I thing something is wrong with browser object.
When you load a file large enough, the scrollbar does not appears.
(I know that has been referenced many times...)
If you select programmatically a line that is not displayed
(using fl_select_browser_line ...) then everything is a mess!
(although that the scrollbar now appears!)
If you use page up/down or you move the scrollbar, if you are lucky,
the lines are only mixing with each other. Sometimes, i get the
newer lines, and the previous ones as strips of diagonial lines.
(I have a gif of it! Quite nice effect!)
My platform is AIX 4.2, library version :
* forms.h $Revision: 0.85 $ $State: Beta $
* $Date: 1997/03/11 06:39:17 $ $Author: zhao $
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