Re: Please help changing text in text box

Marisa Giancarla (
Tue, 08 Apr 1997 16:17:18 -0700 (PDT)

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On 08-Apr-97 Steve Lamont wrote:
>Enter the newlines with the '\n' character.
I was doing that....

>How are you doing this?
I was mucking with the label pointer directly, like:

> fl_set_object_label( fd_try->text,
> "Hello\nWorld\nfoo\nbar\nbaz\nwoof" );
This was the solution, thanks! I didn't see this function discussed in
the manual in the text box section, did I miss it?

>works for me.
Me too!

>Some questions in no particular order which may help you or others
>determine the source of the problem:
>What version of XForms are you running? What OS & hardware? X11
0.86... Linux & Solaris, X11R5 & X11R6

>version? Can you run it under the debugger and get a traceback? How
Tried, wasn't that helpfull...

>many lines are you trying to write? Are you sure you're writing to a
5 or 6, as a test I did just one.

>valid object? Can you create a simple test program which replicates
>the error? Have you tried just writing a single line of text
>terminated by a newline? What happens then?
It was dying with even a single "\n". I am sure it was just due to my
heavy-handed attempt to do it. Thanks for the help!

Now on a different topic - Is there any way to set it to NOT jump into
the next input box when entry is done in the current one? I have a form which
has two input boxes. In normal useage the 2nd will almost never be used. What I
want to do is have it leave the current box selected after calling the
callback. And if the user manually clicks into the 2nd box, as soon as they are
done in that box I want the cursor to hop back to the main input box. Any


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