Re: Displaying .bmp bitmaps

Giovanni Dodero (
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 09:36:59 +0200 (MET DST)

To subscribers of the xforms list from Giovanni Dodero <> :

On Wed, 16 Apr 1997, Hans Peter wrote:

> To subscribers of the xforms list from Hans Peter <> :
> > I'd like manage some images with a form, so i need to display them
> > somewhere.
> > Is it possible to display an bitmap image .bmp (not x11 bitmap .xbm !),
> > or even .gif or .jpg, in a form created with fdesign (something like
> > demo33.c), or do i have to launch an external viewer like xv ou
> > ImageMagick?
> You can convert it and display it at as a pixmap. I believe xpm
> is not the format of choice for large images, but I have have used
> pixmaps of 320x200 with no hassle.
> ie, something like:
> img_pxm = fl_add_pixmap(FL_NORMAL_PIXMAP,dx,dy,320,200,"My image:");
> fl_set_pixmap_data(img_pxm, MyPixmap);
> > If it's possible, do anybody knows where I can find some pieces of code
> > to do that?
> try
I believe it could be useful to use some routines like giftopnm, djpeg,
ppmtoxpm to convert your images into xpm, I found them in my RedHat Linux
distribution, I think it is not difficult to find them in internet.
I use pixmap (xpm) 512x512 without any problems, I think use X11-pixmap
would be better but I haven't studying it yet...
Gio ;-)

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