Having problem with browsers under Linux

Marisa Giancarla (marisa@andromedia.com)
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 09:58:41 -0700

To subscribers of the xforms list from Marisa Giancarla <marisa@andromedia.com> :


I am having trouble with browsers under 0.86.1 and Linux
2.0.29. Actually, I was having some other wierdness with 0.86 under
Linux (but not on Solaris/Sparc - the exact same code worked
flawlessly there, but dies doing fl_show_form() on my Linux box) and
so I "upgraded" to 0.86.1 and had the same problems as before PLUS new
wierdness in seleect browsers.
Basically, for each line that I fl_addto_browser() I get the
line PLUS a blank line. This did not happen in 0.86. I know the lines
do not have embedded NL characters, nor do they fill the browser
horizontally (which would make a horiz scroller anyway). It does not
seem to occur with the NORMAL_BROWSER type, only the ones where the
user can click on a line.
Part two of this problem is that if the user clicks on the
line that actually shows the data a goofy value is returned for the
mouse button pressed (the same value for all 3 buttons). If they click
on the blank line the correct button value is returned (but of course
it is the wrong line #). I only tested part two using the static
library with "-g" enabled, so the buttons may not exhibit that problem
with the dynamic version of the lib.

Which still leaves the problem that made me want to upgrade to
0.86.1 anyway, why the whole program core dumps when calling
fl_show_form(). On one occasion it dumped before even opening up the
window. Usually though it seems to die after filling in about 80% of
the various fields in the form (this form has a LOT of text fields
who'se labels I set before calling fl_show_form(), and my entire .fd
file is now up to like 130k....). When it dies I can hear the disk
grinding for 5 or 6 secs which it shouldn't need to do at that point
as the form itself is static (well, no calculations are done by my
code at display-time, they are all done beforehand and if the user
clicks on buttons in the form).

Long message I know, but any ideas? Does 0.86.1 for Linux have
known problems (say making use of the non-functional Linux isalnum() call?)

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