fdesign anomoly?

Jimmie Mayfield (mayfield@pa.uky.edu)
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 21:58:38 -0400 (EDT)

To subscribers of the xforms list from Jimmie Mayfield <mayfield@pa.uky.edu> :

Hi all. I've noticed some strange behavior running fdesign
from versions 0.81 and v0.86 (Linux elf distribution).

My current project consists of 5 separate .fd files (maybe 300 KB total)
and I've seen this behavior with each of them but it doesn't happen
all of the time...just enough to be annoying.

The problem is this: sometimes when I select an existing form from
fdesign's brower, the form size will get messed up (it will retain the
size of the form previously displayed). If I save the .fd file when
this happens, the incorrect form sizes get saved to file so I do not believe
it to be a "display problem" but it appears to be corruption within
fdesign itself. When this behavior happens, the only thing I can do is
exit fdesign without saving (hopefully I didn't make too many changes
since the last save!).

The problem seems to be restricted to the form sizes...positions of objects
on the forms don't seem to be affected.

System exhibiting the problem:
Linux 2.0.29 (elf)
libc 5.3.12
XFree 3.1.2
xforms v0.81 and v0.86

BTW, this project is a GUI-based MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) area designer
for a particular mud I am a programmer for. As the size of the .fd
files suggest, it's fairly large. Without XForms, the XWindows version
simply would not have happened. Thanks T.C. and Mark.


Jimmie Mayfield                 "Hey brother can you spare a dime...
mayfield@pa.uky.edu              to get me off this slaughter line?"
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