Re: XForms: Why so much memory needed ?

francois bourcier (
Sat, 17 May 1997 16:48:02 GMT

To subscribers of the xforms list from francois bourcier <> :

> Why cannot a small interface makes the black&w xterm with 4Mo show memory
> acknowledgements ?
> Just a window with a browser and a few buttons , a second window
> (goodies) make the thing go wrong. Is that the fonts ? the GCs ...

What specifically goes wrong? Is there an error message? Core dump?
Bogus display?

Sorry that was really not clear .. Yeah the display shows an error message because there is not enough memory or there will be not enough memory to do the next operations . No core dump . No bogus display but a display slow down and very instable.
It means that if you don't close it quicklyODODOy the application crash (XServer closing connection )...) . So I would like to know how to avoid this to make some small things with two windows (for one there is less problems) work on thos xterms.

Thanks . Fanci.
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