XForms: Just statrted

Matti Koskinen (mjkoskin@sci.fi)
Sat, 31 May 1997 12:50:50 +0300

To subscribers of the xforms list from Matti Koskinen <mjkoskin@sci.fi> :

Hi to all

I just subscribed to this list. I've never done before any X-programming
and wanted to look for an easy way to start it. I've done unix
programming before a little. I made an interface to oracle in an Apollo
workstation some 8 years ago. Now I'm using Linux in my home pc.

I converted a basic program calculating HF propagation factors to C
with qb2c. It works fine and I made a simple graphic plot for it using
the x11int-package with the qb2c. I could get nice graphs and wanted to
add a gui. I've never done any X-programming before, so I had to start
from zero. Motif looks fine, so I took the Gloe-editor code and modified
it. I'm using Linux and lesstif, and could make the preliminary gui with
it. Then it occurred to me, that there must be gui-designing software
out there, and found fdesign. I downloaded version 0.86 of xforms and
fdesign and the documentation for them. So couple of questions.
I can get the menu with fdesign, but do I have to code the menu items
manually? In the documentation there is that the menu items are
separeted with bars and in the callback routine you have to check what
item was pressed. DO I have to do this manually? I've tried all the
possible I can imagine to put these in fdesign, but without success.
Also, is there a file selection box in xforms, or do I have to build it
from the basic widgets? Up till now, I have not found it. (so to say, it
might well be in the demos-directory, but haven't look thoroughly)



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