Re: XForms: fl_remove_idle_callback ?

Richard Kent (
Mon, 2 Jun 1997 10:14:57 +0100

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> Open your eyes!, Backup!, Get a naming convention!, in other words,
> snipped

OK this is turning into a bit of a pointless thread. I think that most of the
replies have missed the point of the original problem. Anyone can think up
their own suitable method for organising code, naming conventions, working
files, backup files etc. I have to work with such professional, strict, mundane
procedures all day at work. We're not stupid out here, you know :)

I think the originator simply wanted to point out that fdesign can, and will
unscrupilously (is there such a word !!) write over any .c or .h files which
happen to be called the same as your .fd file and perhaps some way of
automatically spotting this may be nice. The consensus is that warnings every
time would be overkill but I previously suggested a solution which would only
warn you if you were about to overwrite non-fdesign created files (which will
almost always be unintentional). This means that if you stick to your safe
methods and naming conventions you'll never see a warning but if you ever make
a mistake it will save you time recovering the file.

Let that be the end !!!


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