Re: XForms: "Missing" Xyplot Object function

Steve Lamont (
Tue, 17 Jun 97 06:16:08 PDT

To subscribers of the xforms list from (Steve Lamont) :

> > I agree that fl_get_xyplot_overlay_data functionality
> > should be in the library for completeness. I am wondering
> > if I can get away with fl_get_xyplot_data(ob, id, x, y, n)
> > (where id indicates the overlay number with 0 being the
> > main data) without getting many flaming emails about
> > the API change.
> That's sad. This is still pre-release software. It's important at this stage
> to use everyone's experiences to get things as right as
> possible. ...

True, but a lot of folks have developed some fairly major applications
and have put them in production -- I know I have -- and a change to
the API could be a real pain in the tush. Since many, I suspect, have
linked with the dynamic library version of XForms, installing a new
version containing an altered function calling sequence could have
some major repercussions, such as software inexplicably ceasing to
work or, even worse, giving wrong answers.

Of course, IMHO, dynamic libraries are the Spawn of Satan but I don't
want to start that rant again.

Bear in mind that this is pre-release software that's been in the
field for at least three years. A fair number of folks have expended
considerable time and effort developing applications.

I'd suggest implementing fl_get_xyplot_overlay_data() rather than
modifying fl_get_xyplot_data()'s parameter list.

Having said that, I certainly am most certainly *not* going to flame
Dr. Zhao no matter what he decides.

> > Also I am adding the tabbed folder thingy
> > [...]
> > but I am not really crazy about the name tabbedfolder. Notebook
> > is not appropriate either. Any suggestions ?
> tabbed selector, tabbed thingy, tabbed overlays, tabbed chooser, tabbed layers,
> card file, card tabs, roladex, decked dialog,
> edge button, edge selector, edge tabs, page tabs, layer tabs

I'd vote for `tabbed selector'.

> I think I would plump for a single word like "pager" as it goes with
> "browser" "chooser", "fselector" etc etc.

`pager' to me sounds like some sort of text paging function, like the
`more' or `page' Unix commands.

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