Re: XForms: pixmap buttons

Petasis Gewrgios (
Fri, 20 Jun 1997 17:56:45 +0200 (WET)

To subscribers of the xforms list from Petasis Gewrgios <> :

> Can someone tell me how or where I might look to find how to
> embed the pixmap for pixmap buttons in the executable so it does not
> look for and try to load the pixmap at runtime?
The pixmap file format, is a text format. If you open with "vi"
a pixmap file, you will see that contains a definition of , lets
say, a two-dimensional text array... SO you can include it in your c
code, as any c file... for example:

#include "<image>.xpm"

fl_set_pixmap_data(obj, <image>(and sometimes "_xpm") );

Usually, an xpm file named eg 'test.xpm' contains a char ** definition:
so you can see what is the name of the array to put in fl_set_pixmap_data.
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