XForms: Setting Attributes at Runtime

Harikumar (hari@thor.i-connect.net)
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 12:22:54 -0700 (PDT)

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E-Mail: Harikumar <hari@thor.i-connect.net>
Date: 06/24/97
Time: 12:22:54

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Dear Friends,

I need to set the properties of GUI objects at runtime in my application.

Normally one can set the application defaults by setting the FL_IOPT members
and use fl_set_defaults() before you call fl_initialize().

But in my situation, I want to give a property page (Just like Visual Basic
development) in which user will select some options at any time of the
application's running period. At once I need to reinitialize all application
visual properties ( even for the forms that already exists at user specualtion).

Is there any way to use the Attributes page of fdesign (which is meant for a
single object) globally to set the attributes of all objects and for all
running screens.

I don't know much about Xlib to go directly to Xlib programming. If anybody
have some specific ideas with specific reference to Xlib , that also welcomed.

Is it do-able within the constraints of Xforms. Is there any distorted
tricks for that.

Thankfully I remain.

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