XForms: FL_DBLCLICK never detected

Frank Stefani (EAD-Frank.Stefani@t-online.de)
Thu, 26 Jun 1997 12:16:03 +0200

To subscribers of the xforms list from EAD-Frank.Stefani@t-online.de (Frank Stefani) :

With a prehandler for a choice object I want to detect if this
choice object was doubleclicked:

choice_click_detect(FL_OBJECT *obj,
int event,
FL_Coord mx,
FL_Coord my,
int key,
void *xev)
fsDEBUG(1, fsPrintEventName(event));
if ( event == FL_DBLCLICK ) {
/* process it */

For debugging purposes I installed a function that prints out
the names of FL_* events. This is done by "fsPrintEventName(event)".
With this function I found, that "FL_DBLCLICK" is never detected.
The usual output for a simple single click on an object is:

debitor.c[87]: event==FL_PUSH
debitor.c[87]: event==FL_MOUSE
debitor.c[87]: event==FL_RELEASE
debitor.c[87]: event==FL_MOTION

A double click gives the same output, always FL_PUSH, never
FL_DBLCLICK. So I thought it has to do with the dblclick_timeout
and I inserted some

fl_set_object_dblclick(fd_debitor_frm->d_grp, val);
calls in my code. I found no information about the 2nd parameter.
It should be an integer, but the range is nowhere explained. I
tried values 0,1,10,100,1000,5000 and -1 for 'val' but the
behaviour never changed - no FL_DBLCLICK. As the last try, I
inserted some direct assignments like


with the same values for 'val' as above. Still no FL_DBLCLICK.
What's wrong in my application (or even worse: in my head)??

Any help greatly appreciated, tia,

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