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Steve Lamont (
Wed, 2 Jul 97 06:35:12 PDT

To subscribers of the xforms list from (Steve Lamont) :

> I wrote a programm which among other thing it had a input box.
> In my linux box it's just fine. I tried that on an Indogo Irix 5.3 and
> the input box was if I was typping a password that is not showing what I
> 'm writting. I tried on an O2 Irix 6.2 (with display in the previous
> Indogo) and had the same result.

This is generally a font problem. The SGI fonts are most likely a
different size than the fonts on your Linux box and XForms has a
strange all-or-nothing clipping algorithm for Input objects which
causes typed text not to be shown if the font is too large for the
region defined. If the Input box is just barely tall enough to
contain the input text on your Linux box, it may be that the same font
on the SGI display, having a different dot pitch, will be vertically
too large to fit and thus get clipped (actually, completely discarded).

There are a couple of things you can easily do if you're using fdesign
to create your forms. First, there's a command line option which you
can use when invoking fdesign to tell the program to attempt to
compensate for font size strangeness between platforms:

fdesign -compensate your_fd_file.fd

will do it. There is also a menu option in fdesign whic does the same
thing. Both options cause fdesign to emit a call to fl_adjust_form_size().
If you don't want to have to remember this every time you modify your
form, you can add the call to the routine where you create your form:

FD_my_form *fd_my_form;

fd_my_form = create_form_my_form();
fl_adjust_form_size( fd_my_form->my_form );

You might also try invoking fdesign with different units, say
millimeters, rather than pixels. This generally gives somewhat better

Refer to the Chapter 9, "Command Line Arguments," and, really, the
whole of Section II for a discussion of the wonderfulness of fdesign.


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