XForms: Data casting to callbacks

Alain Muls (alain@asge-009.rma.ac.be)
Wed, 9 Jul 1997 15:57:15 +0200

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I am writing a program that controls the configuration of a network of
GPS stations. The configuration parameters are groupes in 3 structures
(e.g. str1, str2 & str3). In order to write the structure members to
the configuration file, I have a `save as' button with a callback
`cbSaveAs'. The problem is that I can only cast 1 structure to a long
and pass it to the callback function. How can I access all 3
structures in the callback.

I have a solution, but I do not found it very elegant. What I do is
create a structure str4 which groups all 3 other structures
typedef struct
str1 a;
str2 b;
str3 c;
} str4
and I pass this structure through the (long) casting to the
callback. Is there a better way?


I also have a button `load configuration'. An additional problem is
that when I load another configuration file, how do I update all the
fields from the callback `cbLoad' function?


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