XForms: Re: xforms-digest V1 #82

Sun, 13 Jul 97 22:56:54 -0500

To subscribers of the xforms list from jim_hopper@dayton.saic.com :

I am using FL_Exe_Command to execute command line values. If i set blocking to
true the browser is not updated until the command is completed and no user
feedback is available as the command is executed only when its complete is all
text inserted into the browser.

if i set blocking to false i get the feedback i want, but i get no indication of
when the command is complete. if i understand the docs the completion routines
for this command both block the process the same way as setting blocking to
true. is there any way to set blocking to false, and yet find out when the
command is complete so i can add a final line to the browser to let the user

thanks jim

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