XForms: Trouble with MULTILINE_INPUT field

Dick Middleton (dick@sqf.hp.com)
Mon, 21 Jul 1997 15:07:23 +0100

To subscribers of the xforms list from Dick Middleton <dick@sqf.hp.com> :

> > To subscribers of the xforms list from spl@szechuan.ucsd.edu (Steve Lamont) :

> > > I use a form with normal input fields, choice objects and one
> > > multiline input field. I can click on any object to do interaction
> > > with it, except the multiline field. This one can only be entered
> > > with the TAB or Return key, but not with a mouse click. ...

> > Are you sure the object isn't somehow invisibly occluded by some other
> > object such as a box? I've had that happen when I've not been careful
> > about the order of layering of objects within complicated forms.

> I just did a "raise" with fdesign and magically it now works. I knew it was
> a bug :-)

Well I thought this was the solution - and now it says this is the solution
in the 0.87 manual BUT..... if the mutiline field is within a group, even if
the group is the last defined, then the problem still exists.

Also I notice that using fdesign to raise an object which is in a group
removes it from the group and puts it right at the end of the object list. I
would have expected it to place the raised object at the end of the group and
maybe raise the whole group.

Has this been fixed in 0.87? - I've not got that version yet (being on hp-ux).



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