XForms: FL_MOUSE events in FREE OBJECT

Joel Weiner (weiner@mcci-arl-va.com)
Mon, 21 Jul 1997 11:17:47 -0400

To subscribers of the xforms list from weiner@mcci-arl-va.com (Joel Weiner) :

According to the manual, FL_MOUSE events are delivered to a free object when
"The mouse position has changed. This event is sent to an object between
FL_PUSH and an FL_RELEASE event."

Why do I get a continuous stream of FL_MOUSE events as long as a button is
pressed, even though the position has NOT changed??

I am running PCXware on a Pentium over a network connected to a Sun Sparcstation
5. Could this be a network artifact? Some other weirdness?

Currently I check for a change in position on my own since xforms isn't
doing it for me, bit still, I'm curious. Any insights would be appreciated.

Joel Weiner
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