XForms: Comments anyone ?

Richard Kent (kent@hydra.dra.hmg.gb)
Wed, 23 Jul 1997 16:48:42 +0100

To subscribers of the xforms list from "Richard Kent" <kent@hydra.dra.hmg.gb> :

A couple of queries to those in the know....

Just wondering whether we are going to have good looking 3D dials soon. I would
like to use dials more often but tend to use NICE sliders instead as they look
gorgeous in comparison to the rather flat looking dials.

Also, would it be possible to extend the API / functionality of the XY plot to
allow interactive _adding_ of new points (rather than just moving). If you
could set the XY plot such that clicking between points actually added a new
point that would be excellent for variable graph controls where the user can
have as many control points as he/she requires (eg an audio filter or
equalistaion graph control).

Cheers for now,


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