XForms: another menu bug, I think...

Tristan Savatier (tristan@mpegtv.com)
Mon, 28 Jul 1997 23:25:20 -0700

To subscribers of the xforms list from Tristan Savatier <tristan@mpegtv.com> :

You can reproduce that one with the fdesign
that comes with 0.86:

If you click on a menu object and "drag" the
mouse pointer over the menu (without releasing
the mouse button) for a period of more than 20 seconds,
then all of a sudden the menu will close itself!

If at that point (the menu has already disapeared), you
release the mouse button, then the application
gets notified that you have selected one menu item
(probably the one where the pointer was when
Xforms decided to close the menu ?).

This is of course a bug. I just felt victim of that
bug while using fdesign!

IMHO Xforms should never close a menu while
the user is "dragging" the mouse pointer over
it, no matter for how long. Maybe Xforms
wrongly thinks that this is a hanging menu ?

Regards, -- Tristan Savatier (President, MpegTV LLC)

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