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Emilio Grimaldo (
Fri, 01 Aug 1997 09:26:04 +0200

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> > When using a "choice" object in the designer there is no apparent way to
> > specify the text of the choices. That requires hard coding in the output

I too faced the same problem, of course it is quite simple to
put that on the C code but the lack of its support in Fdesign kind
of defeats -to certain extent- the meaning of the TEST option, you
can't test a choice button :-(

> > Finally a "grid" type object for displaying multiple columns of data

I would like that too.

> I don't know Delphi so I can't comment on it. However, I can say that
> one of the things that attracted me to XForms above and beyond the
> facility of rapid UI development with fdesign is the fact that it's
> (relatively) light weight and dispenses with the (IMHO) complexity of
> the Xt Widgets.

Well that depends, I haven't used Delphi, in fact I moved away from
MS-Windows junk long ago to the wondrous (sp?) world of Unix :-)
However I must say that Tcl/Tk does have a Visual Tk/Tcl tool, one
is commercial and the other is for free. It is very much complete
I would say, including the "test" option. Actually from there you
can even code your own hooks and keeps track of it.

I like Tcl/Tk/Tix a lot, what I don't like is that it is an
interpreted language so you have to give away your source. Yes, there
is a C API, but in my opinion it is relatively hard to use and
a bit sloppy. I have begun my exploration of XForms thanks to an
article in the Linux Journal, I found it easy to use, well documented,
elegant (though missing some stuff...). Only the licensing thing
gets on my way, specially if you are trying to start up and can't
afford to pay up-front fees [Where can I find more details about
licen$ing?] therefore I think that my idea for a first product
-not related to my employer- would have to be based on some other
library. But it is nice to experiment with it.


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