Re: XForms: fl_bgn_group

Steve Lamont (
Fri, 1 Aug 97 06:35:37 PDT

To subscribers of the xforms list from (Steve Lamont) :

> I have some problems getting fl_bgn_group to work as I think it
> should.
> I have code looking like:
> grp =3D fl_bgn_group();

[... code elided ...]

> and these the don't change the button attributes, as I thought they
> should. (Only some of them seem to have any effect.)
> Have I missunderstood? Doesn't all fl_set_object* functions work with gro=
> ups?

Nope. You haven't misunderstood. As I seem to recall that TC
mentioned in a very recent posting, not all the fl_set_object*() stuff
works right with groups yet. I believe he's working on a fix. Next

My hack is to just chain through the object list starting at the
beginning of the group, terminating at the end of the group,
obviously, and make the mods myself. The code is pretty nearly

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