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Emmet Caulfield (
Tue, 29 Jul 1997 06:09:28 +0100

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John Culleton <> wrote:
> This user will settle for more basic things, particularly in the
> designer. First, I would like to set certain things as defaults. I
> tcl/tk). The code is written in c so there is not yet another foolish
> language (YAFL) to learn. But we do need some more flesh on the bones.

At the risk of being branded a Luddite, I believe that a great deal of
care needs to be excercised in the addition of features to fdesign. One
of the things that I, and I suspect many others, like about it is its
simplicity. It is intuitive and easy to use -- the authors deserve a
great deal of praise for this alone.

There is a danger of going too far in trying to "be all things to all men"
and winding up with an fdesign that is unwieldy and has so many zillion
features that it stops being a help and becomes a hindrance. That being said
even a behemoth documented at thoroughly as xforms is would retain its

Finally, I really do wish that people would heed Steve "spl"'s repeated
pleas to cease and desist from sending HTML and multipart-MIME gick to
the list as it restricts the way one can read the mail - try using a default
"mh" to read the list over telnet and there are often messages that you
can't read without going to a great deal of trouble. It may not be my place
to say this, but I had to vent my spleen :-)

All the above IM very HO, regards and thanks,


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