Re: XForms: fl_bgn_group

Steve Lamont (
Sat, 2 Aug 97 10:32:49 PDT

To subscribers of the xforms list from (Steve Lamont) :

> SL> Look up just a little higher in the structure.
> SL> struct flobjs_ *next; /* next. obj in form */
> SL> That's the one you want to chain with.
> I am probably a bit slowwitted today, but how can I use know if next
> is part of the group or not?
> If you have that piece of trivial code hanging around, would it be
> possible for you to post it?

Well, I can cruft something up here quickly:

this_obj = start_of_group_obj->next;
do {

make_modifications_to_obj( this_obj );
this_obj = this_obj->next;

} while ( this_obj->type != FL_END_GROUP );

The salient portions of the FL_OBJECT type are:

typedef struct flobjs_
int type; /* type within the class */
struct flobjs_ *next; /* next. obj in form */

The group is delimited by a FL_BEGIN_GROUP type at the start of the
group and a FL_END_GROUP type at the end of the group. The objects
reside in memory in a simple linked list. Pass your routine the start
of the group and just chain through till you hit FL_END_GROUP.

Now some please tell me now how &lt;HTML&gt; would have made
this posting any more useful or done anything other than add
<BLINK>annoying</BLINK> bells and whistles?

Lest anyone think that I'm a complete Neanderthal and HTML hater, I
should point out that I've written an XForms-based HTML-subset
documentation reader called "HDUML" that I hope to release shortly --
as soon as I clean up a couple of layout strangenesses.

It supports point and grunt image maps and many of the useful HTML

(Why not just fork()/exec() a copy of netscrape? -- How do I know that
the luser will have netscrape or that it will be the right flavor?)


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