Re: XForms: newsgroup

Steve Lamont (
Mon, 4 Aug 97 06:50:14 PDT

To subscribers of the xforms list from (Steve Lamont) :

> In stead of having all messages mailed to me by subscribing to this
> group, I would like to use a news group. Is there a newsgroup for
> xforms, where I can find all the latest news?

No, but the messages are archived at the site indicated at the bottom
of each posting to this mailing list. The archives may be viewed by
date, by poster, and by thread.

I find that, modulo the occasional browser wars which break out here
(for which I bear at least some responsibility -- I shall henceforth
cease and desist complaining and simply automatically filter out posts
and posters that I find unreadable), that the signal to noise ratio of
the mailing list is several orders of magnitude better than the
average newsgroup. I gave up reading USENET news about a year ago and
find that my general level of aggravation had decreased
correspondingly -- digging my way through fifty pieces of `spam' for
Naughty Nana's Nifty Nudies just isn't a productive use of my time.

If this list converts to a newsgroup or becomes gated to a newsgroup,
with all that impiles, I shall miss it.


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