XForms: 0.87.1 dials are different

Jeff Pierce (piercej@preferred.com)
Wed, 06 Aug 1997 11:00:31 -0500

To subscribers of the xforms list from Jeff Pierce <piercej@preferred.com> :

I just upgraded from .86 to .87.1 to get the folder capability and
discovered what may be a problem with the changes to dials.

When I first ran the folder demo I noticed that the dial in the variable
folder had a round up button look to it rather then the plain old line.
Looking at the code revealed that it was done with the
fl_set_object_boxtype(obj,FL_UP_BOX) API. Which appeared to do the dial
itself rather than the bounding box. COOL, looked much better, plus I
liked the small dash instead of the round indicator on the dial.

Then disaster... I have some normal dials, no box, that are in top of
pixmaps which have graduations marked around the outside of the dial.
When recompiled with .87.1 the dial's background gray box is placed over
my pixmap!!!!! Looks terrible and destroys my markers.

Is there something that must be done by me to keep this from happening,
or is this a bug?????

Jeff Pierce
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